I’ve already had around four cups of coffee since I woke up. I’ve even chewed raw coffee beans. I’ve felt this way before when we availed unlimited coffee in a newly opened cafe and played scrabble all night. The combination of nervousness, restlessness, and hype; it’s like forgetting how sleepiness feels like. But it’s not the end of the day because we still have one more destination for our Coffee Crawl.

It’s gonna be legen.. wait for it…

We rode a taxi from The Residences at Brent and after a little more than five minutes, we stopped in front of SLU-LES near Notre Dame. We entered the a building which as I remember was part of SLU-LES a year or two ago. Now it’s a hospital so I was expecting some sort of a hospital canteen cafe. We took the stairs down to the ground floor and..

…dary! Legendary!

Studio Coffee

studio coffee baguio 2

It’s an oasis in the city, a treasure beneath the pyramids. I didn’t expect that there would be such place in this part of the city. It gives the ambiance where you don’t feel like you’re in a public place. This was explained later to us by Mr. Sam Garcia, the manager of the Cafe. They were formerly called the Sandwich King and now Studio Cafe, wherein it is a cafe that gives you a “creative workplace” and “feel like home” type of environment.

studio coffee sam garcia

The manager: Mr. Sam Garcia, The bartender: Mr. Jomil Hynson

Passion as a recipe

What fascinated me is when they told us about some history of their cafe. Whenever they try to make a new recipe, their taste-tester is the family. And the food, the drinks they sell in the cafe, it’s what they eat as their meal everyday. This showed us how they are dedicated in their service. Because what they serve others, they also server their selves.

“It is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together”

Next, he introduced us to their bartender, Mr. Jomil Hynson who is very professional in the field.


He discussed about where they get some ingredients they use and how he found bartending. I’m not sure if everyone does but, I think we can notice if someone is talking about something he/she is passionate about and that’s how he did. He really loves what he’s doing.

A lot of people can talk for hours about how they hate their job, but never actually do anything about it. Maybe because they know that there should be something else that they’re doing. Just like in our university, bunch of engineering students always complain about math and problem solving – the irony. I think it could be dangerous if people keep doing what they don’t love. The world will fall into mediocrity. I think the world would be a better place if more people were doing what they love.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do” -Steve Jobs

Some of what they serve

Anyway, results show it. They served us some of their best coffees and they were all awesome.

studio coffee baguio 4

I mean.. I didn’t get to try all of them but everything that I tried was great. I wanted to – but my body knew that it already had too much coffee. I’m just in a hospital so I was tempted to drink all of them but I was able to stop myself.

We also tried some food like their Burger grande.
studio coffee burger grande


and the “I forgot what it’s called” sausage:
studio coffee sausage
I hope I took a picture for comparison because they were really big. It shocked me even more to know that they’re just priced at Php 99.00. Also all of their hot and cold drinks, no matter how elegant and expensive they look only costs between Php 50.00 – Php 90.00

Overall, Studio Coffee is the best cafe I’ve tried so far in Baguio City. The ambiance is promising, prices are affordable, foods are mouth-watering, servings are plenty, and their coffee’s are a master’s work. They still have a lot of coffee’s I haven’t yet tried so I’m definitely keep going back – even after I tried all of them. As of now my favorite is their Ice green tea macha. You should never leave the place without trying that one. It’s #lifechanging.

Iced green tea macha

For more details about Coffee Studio. Visit 9baguio or their FB Page.

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