Baguio city has become a really busy place.

Being the summer capital of the Philippines, tourists and travelers has always been filling up the city. Not a bad thing because there has been a lot of developments and opportunities since then. Yet the city can’t have all these without sacrificing something in exchange; Air and noise pollution, houses have replaced the forests, and overpopulation. A lot of people from different places chose to leave their towns and make Baguio their home.

busy baguio

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I’m one of those people. I came from La Union but chose to live here because
1. The best universities in the Northern Luzon is here.
2. I love the cold weather
3. Cold weather means I can drink coffee more often.

And four, the variety of everything like Japanese, Korean, Indian, Mongolian restaurants. Tour around the city and feels like you’ve been to different countries.

But what do you do after a long and tiring day? Where do you spend the two most important part of your day?

A good morning and a good night

As a student, web developer, and blogger, I spend most of my time either reading, writing, thinking or at morning meditating. So I only request of one thing: Silence. Sad to say, even if I live in one of the most peaceful parts of the city, I rarely get it.

Few days ago after our coffee planting, and coffee brewing workshop, we went to The Residences at Brent for another coffee break and discuss things about business and blogging. It was just a less than 10 minutes drive. We were welcomed by Mona who despite having a young and cute look; she was already a professional.

I’ve been to several apartments and condominiums before and I’ve already seen The Residences at Brent in my friends’ blogs so I had expectations. But the place was different than all the others I’ve gone to. It was what I imagined Baguio to look like before I moved here. The feel of actually being in Baguio. I hope there’s a way to explain it in pictures but there are things we can’t capture with a camera.

The Residences at Brent: Hamilton

brents residences baguio

I was not able to take a picture of the surroundings but the place is surrounded by pine trees, making me feel like I was not in the city but in a vacation house thousand of miles from civilization.

They toured us in one of their model unit and I had already imagined it being my home.

Here is the couch for my future kids as I tell them the story of how I met their mother
residences at brent baguio

Of course, that would be incomplete without a fire place.
residences at brent baguio city
Because this is Baguio, it gets too cold sometimes.

And my favorite part of every home is..
the residences at brent baguio city

It seemed like a very perfect place to relax. My normal meditation takes about 10 minutes before I enter the meditative state but when I entered this room, I knew I could do it immediately. Since I’ve mentioned meditation, it’s actually the main topic of the second operation of Alchemy in my “Seven Operations of Alchemy” I’ll resume it maybe next week. A lot of people doesn’t understand meditation but it’s worth more than any vegetables or vitamins you’ll take.

Forest Bathing

After the tour on the model unit, they mentioned one of their amenities is their eco-trail. It was still under development but we decided to try. Just a few steps away and it’s a forest even more serene than being inside their bedroom. Am I still in the city?
bro alchemist planting tree 3

Which is why I loved the place. A lot of people looking for a place to live may be considering the building design, location, arrangement, or high quality floors or windows. But that’s something any development corporations can offer. What I saw at The Residences at Brent was something a lot of residences/apartments/condominiums is missing. The feel of actually being home. Not just silence, but pure serenity in the middle of a city. As one of their tagline says:

“It’s what life should be”

the residences at brent

Img Source: Their website

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