“On any day, you can step out the front door and your whole life can change forever” -Ted, HIMYM

And those days usually come when you least expect them.

A few days ago, I saw a post on Facebook about a bloggers event of Online Influencers Baguio, led by Sir Vincent Tabor of 5space digital. I started blogging since around two years ago but I’ve never attended or joined any blogging community because 1.) My blog‘s niche was U.S. directed 2.) I thought I can learn everything online. It was a U.S. targeted blog because my reason for starting a blog before was Adsense power – To make money. But after the event I attended, my whole perspective about blogging changed.

Which brings us to this day. I attended another Online Influencers Baguio event for the celebration of Social Media Day; A 12-hour adventure from coffee planting at Buyog Watershed, coffee workshop at Cafe Yagam, a coffee break and tour at Brent Residences, and a taste of awesome coffees at Studio Coffee.

Part 1 – Planting my own tree.

bro alchemist planting tree 2

I could listen to lectures from engineers and professionals at school for a whole day and learn a bunch but this is a lot different. The value of learning from experience and people driven by passion can’t even be compared to grades, or units you get from a university. They are filled with lifetime lessons where you don’t get a certificate, transcript, or diploma. It gives you a greater feeling of life which if we translate in university terms – A certificate from the universe. A seed that grows and cultivates your mind, and help you grow your own tree until you transform into someone who produces those seeds.

Actually planting the tree.

bro alchemist planting tree

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Our first activity was tree planting(coffee). It’s not my first tree planting because we had a lot thanks to my school SLU-NSTP, and my fraternity Tau Omega Mu. I can say, and I know that I care for the environment but not in a way that I would exert much effort to do do something about it. It’s like the conversation from the TV show Rick and Morty: “Do you want homeless people to have a home?” “Yes” “Would you build a house for them?” “No”.

But thanks to the organizations like NSTP, TOM, and Baguio Re-greening Movement who encourage people to actually do something for our environment. Planting fifty, or a hundred of seedlings might not seem very big for this huge planet but I know that this little acts we do will echo throughout time. It’s not just for the next fifty or hundred years, because everything we do now will in a way affect not just our future children, or our future children’s children but everything that will be and will ever be.

Too late?

bro alchemist planting tree 3

A lot of people will say that it’s too late for us to do something about the damage humans have done to our planet; that we already passed through the point of no return. I strongly disagree with that. Yes, humans have already destroyed a lot of beauty the world we have, and some still keep going. But there are, and there always will be people who will protect what we have. Because that’s a part of what humanity is – living by it’s mistakes, and evolving by doing something about its mistakes.

Coffee Crawl
Part 1 -> Planting my own tree
Part 2 -> Love Coffee? – Cafe Yagam
Part 3 -> Serenity in the city – Residences at Brent
Part 4 -> A hidden treasure – Studio Coffee


Thanks to sir Vincent for the encouragements and advice for us on business and blogging. To his sidekicks Relyn and Nerdy Ninja for inspiring me to blog. To my best bro Erwin who wings me not just to women but also to business and activities like these. To Ms. Trisha who introduced us to creative and genuine writing. And to everyone I’ve met these past days. You all deserve a bro fist of respect.