We all have random science theories and fantasies

Alien invasions, were in a simulation, dreams happen in another dimensions etc.
Yet we rarely talk about them because they sound crazy, or we may sound crazy. But, depending on your group of friends, this kind of discussions could just be a normal for you.

Before proceeding, please take note that all my articles under Theories are quite complicated compared to my other articles. This is not for the fainthearted. Most people would only discuss/read these things if they’re: a.)High(on drugs) b.)Drunk c.)a physicist d.)a science nerd e.)curious. In my case, it’s D.

When I was a kid,

I was curious about a lot of things. The thing that fascinated me the most was Remote Control Cars. It was awesome having to operate a certain object and the car will move on it’s own; it was mind blowing for a kid like me. Imagine that kind of sorcery. If I had the ability to bring that few decades back in time, I could’ve been worshiped as a god who did miracles.

It’s just quite sad how some things get less fascinating once you figure out how it works; Just like magic. A magic trick could blow out your brain at first but once you figure out the trick. “Ohh” or “Ahh”, ok, and that’s it. You will never see it as awesome again.

The good thing is we never run out of these awesome things and more than 99% of things in this world are still unknown/undiscovered. Imagine how the small percentage of the knowledge we gained from the past 50 years have changed everything. It brought us to the Moon, Mars. It made us fly, travel, communicate from the opposite ends of the globe, and access unlimited information through a small device. As I said, it wouldn’t be so easy to appreciate those now because we were born with it, like we were born having a face.

When I was a high school student,

I dreamnt of being a scientist/physicist and discover and see things the others didn’t. But my current financial state changed my mind. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to attend a high-end university where I could use the latest tools/machines available. I wouldn’t have a high quality laboratory.

I had a notebook
I was cleaning up this morning and I found a notebook I used a few years ago. Unlike other people, who doodle or write poems and lyrics at the back of their notebooks, for me, I use it to write my thoughts/theories about random things about science. Anyway, at the back of my notebook was my theory that space was not nothing/void but something that is also made of particles. I did some research about it now and found out that there are other theories who say the same, like the QST or Quantum Space Theory. So it occurred to me, what if it will be proven years later? I could’ve been one of the contributors if I published my random ideas instead of hide them at the back of a notebook. The funny thing is I stopped writing things like those because of my deep love of science. When I was an active atheist, I had the mindset of believing only facts/proven things, and dismissing anything else that does not have a solid evidence. Now I realize how stupid it was; always having a say/answer about something without considering to answer “I don’t know” to some questions. There are things that we really don’t know yet, and I couldn’t accept that.

The good thing is

this also made me realize that we don’t need special or expensive tools/materials, or study in a high-end university to discover something. Sometimes we just need simple logic, creativity and sharp observation. Leave the rest to our brain’s powerful processor who can run simulations, combine previously known facts plus our assumptions and come up with a conclusion. That’s how I will come up with my theory of everything for now; by pure observation, research, creativity, and critical thinking. No need for Tesla Coils or a Large Hadron Collider. I can collide electrons inside my brain anyway.

P.S. It turned out as a simple post. I wanted to write about fourth dimensions but my introduction needed a lot of words. I’m going to post my discussion about fourth dimensions soon. Just need to transfer the entry from my notebook.