Cafe Yagam is where I discovered what coffee really is. I’ve been a coffee drinker since elementary and it has been a part of my morning since then ; it almost has become my blood. Maybe if we get a sample of my blood and run it under a microscope, we’ll see some part is already coffee. But of course it doesn’t work that way. Anyway, I considered myself as a coffee lover.

cafe yagam baguio

Loving coffee

Yesterday, after our tree planting activity, we went to Coffee Yagam where we had a workshop on coffee brewing. Here I realized how little did I know about coffee. It made me re-evaluate my love of coffee. How can I love something without even actually knowing a lot of things about it. Maybe I just liked it, needed it or got used to drinking it.

The way of the coffee

At the start of the workshop, we learned that there are two main species of coffee; Coffee Arabica and Coffee Robusta. For this workshop we used Coffee Arabica which is the most common type of coffee, and usually grows in cold weather areas like Baguio. As for the coffee making process, their first step is to pick the best quality of beans.

Three shades of coffee

cafe yagam light

Light Roast

There are a lot of roasts/types of coffee beans, but today we used three: Light roast, Medium Roast and Dark roast. I was totally ignorant about the differences between them until they let us smell the beans. They all had something different.

Coffee does grind

cafe yagam grind
It got a lot more interesting when the coffee was ground. The grinder has 9 different levels/options you can set; the lower, the finer/stronger. As you know grinding is more of a physical processes but what made me curious is how it affected the coffee beans not just in a physical level. The smell of the coffee beans after grinding is a lot different as when it was whole. As if the physical change also caused slight chemical changes in the bean.

This reminded me of the psychological concept of learning where a person’s behavior can be changed by influencing his/her mindset while a person’s mindset can also be influenced by influencing his/her behaviors. Read more about this on my article next week about The six levels of change.

Brew it, it becomes your bro

After grinding the coffee, the next step is brewing the coffee. In Cafe Yagam, they introduced two methods; French press and Paper drip. I started to go to a gym few days earlier so, french press sounded like an exercise to me.

French press is a process where you use a cylindrical pot, and press some sort of screen down, pushing the coffee grounds to the bottom and filtering the coffee.
cafe yagam french press

The second method is paper drip where a piece of paper was used to filter the coffee grounds and let only the liquid part drip down the container.
cafe yagam paper drip

The difference between them is when using paper drip, the oil content is filtered resulting to a smoother taste while using the french press would preserve the oil content.

Actually loving coffee

Knowing is just half the battle, so we all needed to try making our own coffee. Knowing is one thing, but experiencing it first-hand is still the best way of learning.

β€œTell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
― Benjamin Franklin

I grinded dark roast in the finest setting and used paper drip.
cafe yagam 9baguio

Then I added a bit of Mascubado, and finally gave it a sip…
cafe yagam workshop

It turned out to be the best coffee I’ve ever had. Now I can say it without doubts;

I love Coffee!

cafe yagam jeffrey nerona

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