So many times people say to me, “I’d like to double my income in the next year.” But then you look at ther actions and they’re not doing the things that are going to make that happen. They’ll turn around and they’ll say, ” I can’t afford that.” Guess what? “Your wish is my command.” -James Ray

[stag_dropcap font_size=”85px” style=”squared”]A[/stag_dropcap]bout a year ago, a friend introduced me to a philosophical/metaphysical concept of The Law of Attraction. The idea at first ignited a series of doubts and questions in my mind but the way it was explained, and the examples I saw danced in unison with my rational thinking. The law is simple: Like attracts like.


“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho

Is it real?

Of course, this was my first question. Getting a hold of this knowledge promises a very powerful life. You can get or have anything you want and become what ever you want. It’s free to try it, and basically, I don’t lose anything.

So I decided to try(small manifestations)

One time I was waiting for a friend who used my car along the road. The weather was really hot that time so I got really impatient and felt every second of the wait. When I remembered about the Law of Attraction. Around 1-3 cars passes by every 5 seconds. I visualized the green car coming out of the curve. No car has came out for more than 5 seconds and I actually thought it’s because the universe is still making the reality bend to my will. And my car arrived.

I was really amazed and from there on got very addicted to Law of Attraction. Almost everything that was happening, I tried to influence with my will. But honestly?

It didn’t always work

Maybe because of my lack of intention/focus/willpower, or maybe some are just too difficult to manifest. But even small things like manifesting a 5 peso coin along the way sometimes doesn’t work. Now, I just realized that’s exactly the reason why. Most of the time it didn’t work, maybe it’s because I was just trying it out and didn’t really want something. Maybe this is for things that we desire deeply enough.

How about big manifestations?

The top-selling promise of LoA is wealth, like manifesting becoming a millionaire. I even meditated on it before and tried joining the lotto the following days. I’m still not a millionaire, Haha. But I’m relieved. Because if I really became a millionaire just like that, I know I wouldn’t be able to appreciate it. I’d even lose my respect to hard work. Becoming wealthy just by pure thoughts? That’s just lazy.

The common mistake

There’s a lot of people who discovers Law of Attraction, tries it, doesn’t get what they want, then says it’s complete bullshit. I blame this to how the idea is being presented to the public like the video typical videos on Youtube. They make it sound very magical. That anything you want could really be easily in your hands just by imagining it. Well yes, but the reality is, you don’t skip the necessary stuff.

If I was to explain Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction is sort of a thought management system. If you manifest becoming a millionaire, it doesn’t magically happen. You might still need to have a lot of sleepless nights, work during weekends, unexpected problems, and some failures along the way.

Law of attraction is for you to remember what you want, and help you focus on the things that will bring you to that goal. It’s what will help you develop useful ideas towards your success instead of the doubts, fears, and problems that you’re encountering.

It’s not just in the mind

Have you heard of the quote “You are the average of the five people you spend most time with”? This tells a lot about Law of Attraction. Because people think it’s just about the quality of how you think that you attract things. Because if your will and desire really flows together, they should be able to influence your behavior and actions – Like where you choose to spend your time, and with whom. The three: will, desire, and action should be harmonized.


It’s about focus

I remember a scene when I was in class at school. I was talking with my classmate about our plans to a make brain enhancing drug that would be able to make us intelligent enough to develop a more advanced brain enhancing drug. It was one cool idea. Meanwhile, the professor is discussing on front. There I noticed how awesome our brain really us. I can hear them at the same time talking but I can choose which one to listen to. It’s like tuning the brain to listen to what you want.

This is the concept of LoA. If you chose to think of being wealthy, you’ll be able to improve your senses in recognizing things that will lead you to being wealthy. If you’re waiting in queue, being annoyed by how slow it is moving, then the more you will be annoyed. And the longer time will feel like. Remember:

“What you focus on, grows; What you resists, persists.”

Improving manifestations

One more thing most people do is manifest a million dollar, a sports car, or a house – Materialistic and result-oriented. Recently, I’ve been able to develop my own version of manifesting. Instead of focusing on the end result, why not on the path? If I wanted to become a millionaire, how do I want it to happen? By being successful in a company I started? Then manifest that. Attract the actions, and the experiences you want to have. Not the things šŸ™‚